Vietnamese stew cabbage with tomato

stew cabbage with tomato

This is a dish that I never thought of writing a post for, because it’s so simple. It’s such a simple Vietnamese dish that I think most of Vietnamese people know how to cook and because of that, when I searched on the Internet, there were just some Chinese recipes. So, I felt the need of writing a post in English to share it when I made it the second time in one week, and still it was delicious. I loved the blend of sweetness from the cabbage with the tomatoes, and a bit of the stir-fried shallot. The tomatoes add both the sweetness and a subtle of sourness to the dish. The soft tomato lend its texture to the half crunchy, half soft white cabbage. This dish is perfect when you have some cabbage in the fridge that you don’t know what to do with it. It’s a quick, 15 minutes dish that comes as side dish; or for any vegetarian single person eating like me in the middle of the week. 

I love the juice come out from the stew cabbage. So I mixed the pandan white rice with it. And cabbage is just Good Eats, with lots of nutritions (check out the Alton Brown’s show if you haven’t got to know it)! Since there are so many type of cabbages, the good one to use for this is the white, sweet cabbage. In Vietnam, it has a round shape but here in Holland, the sweet, white cabbage has the cone shape. 

Ingredients (you can just double it):

– Half of the white cabbage, shredded

– 3-4 tomatoes, cut into bite size

– 1 shallot, thinly sliced

– Up to 1 cup of water

– 2 tbsp. sunflower oil 

– Salt

– 1/2 tbsp. fish sauce (optional)

The fish sauce is optional here, but if you want it to have a Vietnamese taste, please feel free to use it, but not too much. 


1. Heat oil in a big pan (with lid). When the oil is hot, stir fry the shallot until it becomes translucent. 

2. Pour in the shredded cabbage in the big pan. Quickly stir-fry it to cover with oil. You can use 1/3 cup of water here when stir-frying so the cabbage doesn’t get burnt. Season with a teaspoon of salt to extract the water from the cabbage. 

3. Cook for 2-3 minutes and then transfer all the tomato into the pan. Season with a pinch of salt on the tomato. Stir everything well. Pour in the rest of the water (2/3 cup or just some of it). Season with more salt to taste or fish sauce. Cover the pan with a lid and cook under medium heat. This will take about 5 minutes more. Until you turn off the heat, you can open the lid and stir the cabbage with the tomato one more time so everything is well mixed. 

The dish is good when the tomato is soft, there is juice coming out. The cabbage is cooked until translucent but it should remain some crunchiness.

Serve warm, as a side dish. Very good with white rice, with some juice on top.

Món bắp cải xào cà chua này thì quá dễ cho mọi người Việt Nam nên mình không dám viết ra công thức bằng tiếng Việt làm gì. Chỉ là viết ở đây như để giới thiệu cho các bạn quốc tế. Còn những em nào xa nhà thích làm món này thì chắc chỉ cần nhớ tên là làm được rồi, ko nữa thì đọc tiếng Anh nhé! :)


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