Broiled bell pepper salad – Salad ớt chuông (Insalata di peperoni)

three colors bell pepper salad

Guess what is missing in the bowl! :-)

Yes, it’s summer. Even though the temperature in Amsterdam is around 15 C degrees even in mid June, it’s still summer. And thus, I’m just making lots of salad, with bell pepper, or courgette, or any refreshing sauce (will post something about a special Italian tomato sauce). Because it’s summer, it has to be something colorful, fresh. The last few days here in Amsterdam, I only see green (from the tree) and grey (from the sky) but anyway, our minds need to be cheered up.

This salad is very quick to make, the best thing out of it is the sweetness and the elegant smell from the grilled bell pepper (it’s called ‘paprika’ in Dutch). Yes, even though the bell peppers are grilled till they get the black burning skin but the flesh is so soft, giving us full flavor and so delicious. I tend to buy olives and capers from the market so they are at best. If you can’t find the fresh olives or capers, it’s optional to add in.

Tiếng Việt phía dưới.

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Roasted courgette and bell pepper spaghetti in tomato sauce (Spaghetti bí ngòi và ớt chuông bỏ lò)

Martha Stewart roasted tomato and courgette for a quick pasta. I made this quick pasta since I have some kind of vegetables left (and happen to be courgette, red bell pepper and tomato) in the fridge. But this is different since I use tomato to make sauce instead (exactly because I only had one tomato with some tomato sauce left). I didn’t mean to write down the recipe for a weekday dish or take any photo but because this pasta looks good and tastes good, I wanted to share it right at that moment.

The sound of the sizzling tomato sauce and spaghetti with freshly roasted courgette and bell pepper in the earthenware pot right from the oven was just nice! It sounds ‘professional’ and I felt happy, only with that little thing.

It took me half an hour to make this spaghetti, back from work. So I recommend it for working people (if they don’t have to spend a lot of time on grocery). For a small family meal, it’s even better since the preparing time takes the same. If you want to have more nutrition, making something quick with meat (like Parma ham, bacon and pea,…) will complete the meal.

(Tiếng Việt phía dưới)

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