Pineapple, spinach detox drink (đồ uống giải độc với dứa và rau chân vịt)

So when the spring and summer are on the way, I no longer have the need of eating and baking too much. Instead, the need to drink something fresh, to eat something with the lemon taste comes in. I’m going to the gym more often these days, just because I start to like it! I don’t like running but I have to train myself in order to have strength and energy to play tennis in the weekend. Among all the activities to look good in the summer is having detox drink. I’m not fat, but I drink it just because it tastes so good. I was introduced to detox drink by a colleague of mine, who had only detox drink for 7 days and lost 8 kilos. That’s too much for me. If only I could lose 2 kilos, it will be ideal. :) So I start having detox drinks just to feel good, and it really feels good when you drink it. Juice from lemon is very good to clean your body, and the ginger goes well with a lot of detox juices. (That’s why the Japanese have ginger slices besides their sushi. After one piece of sushi, they eat one slice of ginger, to keep clean the stomach and keep it warm).

detox drink prep

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