Hazelnut ice cream

hazelnut icecream(You can always make ice cream without an ice cream maker. See here.)

One day, I happened to find a very good Italian and Mediterranean shop but hazelnut was running out. I had to come back to the shop and then I bought hazelnut on the second time. (In the supermarket in the Netherlands, I only see hazelnut sold in the candies, cakes section and the skin was already removed.)

Last week I went to a babyshower, a friend of mine who lives in Amstelveen (25 minutes by tram from the center of Amsterdam). They had chestnuts and hazelnuts in the house, collecting them from the small ‘forest’ in the back of their building. I thought it was so sweet. They cracked hazelnut for me since I wanted to try the ‘natural’ one. The hazelnuts were small. Some didn’t even know it was really hazelnut. I could, since I made the ice cream a few days earlier. I thought I had to write this recipe for her, but wish she could collect enough hazelnuts in the forest. :-)

To be honest, I don’t think I like eating hazelnut itself alone. But the flavor just goes so well with the ice cream, and chocolate! I even thought of changing the name of the blog to something that has hazelnut in it. I think my next try of making ice cream would be something like Nutella ice cream. (You know, the Italians are proud of their Nutella product, and it’s just so good, thanks to chocolate and hazelnut).

Tiếng Việt phía dưới. (Trong bài làm kem trà xanh mình có hướng dẫn cụ thể từng nguyên liệu, dụng cụ và cách làm cho những ai không có máy làm kem).

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The real Bolognese spaghetti

I call it the ‘real’ Bolognese spaghetti is because I had a wrong concept of spaghetti Bolognese, which only contains of spaghetti, tomato sauce with ground beef (yes, I sprinkled with cheese and dried basil leave). 

We went to Italy in last April and my boyfriend called for a spaghetti Bolognese at a restaurant near The Duomo in Florence. He was a bit disappointed because what they brought was what we can cook at home, nothing special. So, we thought that is spaghetti Bolognese (and indeed people around me think the same). Despite the unluckiness of eating food around the tourist area, we had good food in Italy later on. That’s the reason I am very into Italian cooking now. I hope there will be more time and another chance that I can tell about our food in Italy (or another time when we go there next time. The country is just so good for food!). Here comes the original recipe. There are quite some ingredients involved and the cooking time is more than I imagined. Yet, it’s really worth the time and effort. Storing in the fridge and eating it the next day is convenient after coming back from work.

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Making green tea ice cream (without an ice cream maker)

This was the first time I made ice cream, just because I like green tea ice cream. A good box (1l) in the Netherlands costs 9 euros so I decided to make green tea ice cream after reading how to make ice cream from an Italian cook book. However, as Italian doesn’t have green tea ice cream and matcha powder, I consulted my friend’s recipe. However, I find out making ice cream like the Italian way is almost perfect as long as you put some IQ in the making. 

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