QA Gardenista!

So I’ve been very busy for the last one year; and more busy since two weeks ago with the soft opening of QA Gardenista!


Come here take a look:

Since the weather in Da Nang is normally warm; our place does not plan to serve cakes or cookies, as some friends ask. But instead, we serve daily fresh drinks every day! (We are thinking of adding the fruit plate as well). The tropical country offers us several exotic fresh fruits like papaya, avocado, mango, durian, lime, fresh ginger, pineapple… and it would be so great to make the most of them to give our customers the best drinks. Plus, we have strawberries from Da Lat, apple, carrot… to make every kind of drink. (One of my favs is carrot, apple and cucumber juice, or taro smoothies with roasted almond slices).

We make apple cinnamon filling to serve with crepe, fresh strawberry jam. (I learned it when we traveled in Saint Petersburg). Having muesli with yogurt and fresh fruit, we use the Swiss muesli, soften with milk for fruit juice. For cereal with mik, we serve the honey type, with oats, and almond; my fav when I was living in the States. To make up for the sweet stuff, we serve toaster with peanut butter and jam; or just butter and jam. Back in 2007, I had to bring back English Breakfast tea from Holland to Da Nang. Now, it’s possible to buy it here. The breakfast can just be perfect with toasters served with butter, orange marmalade and a cup of English Breakfast. Or, You can always indulge yourself with a spread of peanut butter and jam on a toast!

I hope if you are in Da Nang, you can come and visit our place. For now, it’s a place to relax and to recreate. For the near future, I wish to serve fresh salads in the summer and warm healthy soup when it gets chill. But that, I have to wait till the people here get used to having beans in soup maybe. :)