Apple, celery with Greek yogurt salad (Salad táo, cần tây với sữa chua kem Hy Lạp)

Greek yogurt salad

This is not a big science and neither art but it is really a satisfying dish when it comes to freshness, to nutrition, to the crispiness, and the taste of raw food. 

This is my favorite salad because it’s so simple and very quick to assemble. Sometimes, I only have this only salad for a dinner but it can keep me full until the morning. The dish has the fat from the yogurt, more protein than the plain yogurt. It provides omega-3 fat from walnuts. Apple and celery can make you full and gives you a lot of fiber. I only have one requirement when making this dish: crispy apple. Even though celery is fresh and crispy already, the sweetness and freshness of an apple make the salad wholesome. Sometimes, I use 0% fat yogurt, but to be honest, I still like the fat Greek yogurt (10% fat). 

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